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Using a unique combination of design, technology and business development, we strive to make the best experiences together with early-stage companies and more established ones.

Providing our skills and know-how in flexible, scalable, and iterative processes, we support you through the hoops when you need it.

  • 01/08

    Klaveness Digital

    New branding for Klaveness Digital

    • Visual Identity
  • 01/05


    Designing and developing with Otovo

    • Design
    • Tech
  • 01/05


    Developing standard of brand guidelines

    • Tech
  • Carrot Tech

    We helped Carrot transform the way we use recycling stations

    • Tech
    • Development

Latest news

  • What if the opposite of doing good is doing nothing?

    Join us as we flip the script and take a fresh look at the business practices. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and shake things up a bit. Instead of always adding more, we suggest reducing. Instead of constantly trying to attract attention, we recommend taking a step back and abstaining. And instead of focusing solely on individual success, we believe in building up our communities. By embracing this reverse approach, we can create more sustainable and responsible business practices that align with our core values of human leadership, tech for good, and building a society of tomorrow.

  • Congratulations to Lilleblad

    Congratulations to Lille Blad for winning first place in the 2023 Entrepreneur Prize! We are such a proud investor and development partner. They received an outstanding number of votes, more than the combined total of the other three nominees. Lille Blad's mission is simple yet impactful - to increase Norway's self-sufficiency rate and reduce our dependence on imported greens.

  • Unlocking the Power of R&D: Intro to Soft Funding Opportunities for startups and scaleups

    Discover how government programs, private organizations, and initiatives like HANDLE, Norgesgruppen´s Sustainability Fund, can help you offset some of the costs and support your efforts to innovate. Take advantage of these opportunities and continue to compete in your respective industries.

  • Interview with The Brand Identity

    We sat down with The Brand Identity and talked about our studio.

  • Meet Emil our new design lead!

    Emil Karlsson just join our team, we could not be more pleased!

  • From Project driven to UX-driven

    NRK is defining the future of broadcasting — and moving away from Marienlyst

  • Alessandro Biondo

    Over the counter: We took a coffee break and had a chat with the people behind the curtains at uppercase, who they are and why they are there. In this series, the employees share their perspectives with you.

  • My year at uppercase

    Since August 2020 I have been a design intern at uppercase, a digital design studio in Oslo. During this time I’ve had the chance to work on a wide range of projects, and while doing so I’ve developed and learned a whole lot in terms of my technical skills, but also in terms of my confidence as a professional. I’d like to share some thoughts about my experience here, and maybe you’ll get something out of it.

  • Welcome Lucia!

    We are so happy to have Lucia with us! She is originally from Mexico but lived in Norway for several years working as a designer. She is passionate about storytelling and creating holistic design experiences. Welcome to the team!

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