Better Brand

Better Brand creates meaningful experiences through online shopping.

With the purpose of connecting a community of like-minded people, Better Brand helps brands transform a regular online shopping experience into a meaningful one. A simple plug-in makes it easy for companies to allocate part of their revenue to different NGOs, support good causes, create meaningful campaigns and positively impact the retail market.

Our goal was to give Better Brand a unique personality and a consistent brand expression by highlighting the company values and providing them with the right design tools.

Establishing the right brand voice was just as important for the project. We wanted something light and positive that showed honesty and commitment, but most importantly ensured the brand vision was shared with everyone involved.

TRANSFORMATION: We support purpose-led minds who want to be part of a culture of change.

IMPACT: We strongly believe little things make big things happen.

COMMUNITY: We aim to create a community of collaboration and interconnectivity.

A network of BETTER value

A network of BETTER markets

A network of BETTER people

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In todays competitive market, consumers tend to buy brands more that they buy products. With so many options just a click away, how can we create a service with the power to influence how people choose, understand and share the brands they engage with?

We designed set of stickers that the brands and the consumers can download and use easily on social media. The idea behind this was to strengthen the online community and reach out to a bigger audience, in hopes of creating awareness and inspiring people to do more and “shop better”.